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Behind The Bite

Sep 29, 2022

How did the pandemic impact mental health services and treatment offerings? Which strategies did you have to rethink and reassess? Does virtual treatment work for clients and clinicians?

In this podcast episode, I review virtual treatment as a post-pandemic successful recovery strategy with Heather Russo.

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Sep 22, 2022

Can discrimination in the medical field withhold a person’s eating disorder recovery? What should clinicians know about treating the LGBTQ+ community? How can medical facilities create more inclusive spaces?

In this podcast episode, I speak about the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community in ED treatment with Dr....

Sep 15, 2022

Have you struggled to find the right treatment to help you treat your eating disorder? Are you struggling to find medical support for yourself or your loved ones? How can you tell if a treatment strategy is genuine?

In this podcast episode, I speak about overcoming barriers to receiving quality care with Rebecca Eyre....

Sep 8, 2022

When was the moment that you realized you want to change your life? Do you yearn for freedom from obsessive thoughts and behaviors around food? How and where can you begin your healing journey?

In this podcast episode, I speak with Ronni Robinson about her journey to recovery. We reflect on the power of finding having...

Sep 1, 2022

Are you or your partner currently struggling with an eating disorder? How can both people help each other support one another? What can you do as a couple to be transformed together?

In this podcast episode, I speak about relationships and eating disorders with Dr. Kim Lampson. We consider the common issues that couples...