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Behind The Bite

Jan 27, 2022

Do you use movement and exercise as a punishment tool or as a positive activity? What does it mean to be healthy? Why does body size not relate to health?

In this podcast episode, I speak with Marissa Hussain about embracing body-positive exercise. We discuss how you can learn to love exercise by exploring different...

Jan 20, 2022

Can hearing someone’s recovery story inspire you on your journey? How do open conversations reduce shame around eating disorders? What was someone’s experience with intuitive eating after recovering from an eating disorder?

In this podcast episode, I speak with Eric Pothen about the importance of sharing your story....

Jan 13, 2022

Why must eating recovery treatment be personalized? How can a flexible treatment program help a client overcome an eating disorder effectively? Why does the scale really not matter at all?

In this podcast episode, I speak with Gabby Alyse about building a strong, adaptive support structure for patients. Gabby...

Jan 6, 2022

Are you getting drawn in by the New Years’ adverts for diets? What are your personal beliefs about your body and the food that you want to create? Are you finding yourself thinking in black and white around food?

In this podcast episode, I speak with Mya Kwon about toxic diet culture and how to manage your food...