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Behind The Bite

Jan 28, 2021

How can parents encourage their children to have a healthy and curious relationship with food? Can providing an explorative relationship with food, give them a better standing to trust their own bodies? What does the research say about pressuring or praising your child to eat a certain food?

In this podcast episode, I...

Jan 21, 2021

How can discussing male eating disorders overturn the stigmas that reside in the unknown? What resources are available to help men through their eating disorders? Can seeing someone else accept themselves give you the strength to do the same?

In this podcast episode, I speak with Richie Cartwright about his personal...

Jan 14, 2021

Is there a connection between post-divorce anxiety and experiencing an eating disorder? How can you change destructive self-soothing tendencies into healthier ones? Can understanding the past help you to have more compassionate control over your future?

In this podcast episode, I speak with relationship expert,...

Jan 7, 2021

Are you reading the signs of your body correctly? How can you heal your metabolism through healthy eating after being stuck in the world of fad diets? What does a healthy dinner plate look like?

In this podcast episode, I speak with UCLA Sports Dietitian, Jessica Isaacs, about why diets suck, and she shares some tips...